As Life Relentless is a project-based company, each project- be it social experimentation, knowledge propagation or care drive- presents its own set of necessary resources, risks, revenue.

Each project will be broken down into a list of those necessary resources, wherein people can volunteer time, resources, or their financial support for their chosen project.

This makes us pretty flexible. If Life Relentless runs into a rough patch, it can just delay the next project undertaking until the necessary resources have been collected or focus on a revenue-generated project until it can fund a new one.

Cost of operating  will be offset by contract work in the programming field until such a time that the next chosen project can be funded.

On top of that, successful projects will have their requirements and execution steps broken down into a simple PDF or document for purchase so that others may enact the project in their own area and skip the messy ‘find-out-by-doing’ part!