Cat Visitation Services

I have a memory snapshot from my early twenties of a large, fluffy cat jumping  onto skinny, sun-spotted legs poking out of a hospital gown.

‘Hospital visitation cat’.

Really, it was her cat. Jillian’s cat. My uncle had brought the cat to see her. Jillian seemed skeletal at this point– she was going to die, and tangibly soon. My experience with animals told me that the cat would be freaking out, but he took the situation pretty calmly. Either his disposition was amazingly unique, or he knew that this would be the last time he’d see his owner.

When I realized that Abed- then nicknamed ‘Clom II’ as just another kitten being fostered for the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak region- also had an amazingly unique (and gentle) disposition, the possibility of him being a ‘hospital visitation cat’ crossed my mind more than once.

Abed was so charming on his first outing (the vet) that she- who sees animals day in and day out- had to get a photo and asked if they could use it on their Facebook page. The day after, on a whim, I took him out with me on an errand and he once again charmed everyone he met. The cat-driven smiles were contagious.

So I had to try it. Maybe not so much hospital visits, since I suspect my uncle actually smuggled the cat into Jillian’s room, but ‘cat visitation service’, certainly.


Visitation prices are negotiable depending on the situation of the visit, but on average:

$10 deposit
$40 for 30 minutes

$50 for one 30m visitation


Why is the visit limited to 30 minutes? This keeps me and Abed both from getting overstimulated and stressed out, and it means he doesn’t have to ‘hold it’ for very long before being back at the comfort of his own litter box.

If you’re looking to do a housing community visit (many people consecutively in close proximity), contact me; we’ll see what we can negotiate.

Why the $10 deposit? If I drive all the way out to an appointment that was a hoax or the client cancels, I’ve just stressed out my cat and wasted gas. It’s a safety measure to encourage legitimate business.


Abed’s wellness comes first!

We will do our best to mitigate any trouble that may arise but we have to cover our tails with the below legalese anyway.

By using our service, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

Abed is up to date on his shots and as far as we’re aware, clean and clear of disease and illness. Even so, after handling Abed, you will thoroughly wash your hands. Should you or your pets or anyone on the visitation catch something, you will not hold the company, the handler, or the animal responsible. Pregnant women, individuals with compromised immune systems and children under four will do a super duper job at washing whatever touched Abed.

Abed is a very mellow critter, but he’s still an individual and everyone has bad days and boundaries.  The handler’s there to stop trouble before it begins, but should you, someone else, or property/personal belongings be scratched or bitten, you will forgo legal and disciplinary action against the company, the handler, and the animal.


  • No kid’s parties. Children are particularly stressful on even the most chill animal. Groups of children will be limited to four in number, and may be asked to leave the room if they cause undue stress.
  • No dogs or other cats on the premises. We don’t want to risk altercations or spread illnesses between animals. If you have other pets, please disclose this prior to scheduling; we reserve the right to refuse service based on other pets in the vicinity.
  • Follow the handler’s orders in regards to handling Abed. They know the animal best and their instructions are for the safety of the pet and the humans.

Failure to the obey these rules may result in a non-refunded termination of the visit and a non-disputable $200 fine.


Refund policies:

  • If the cat isn’t up to a visit, we will cancel at our discretion. You can opt for a reschedule or be be refunded your full amount, including deposit.
  • If the cat stresses out during a visit and it must be cut short, you will not be charged for the visit, but the deposit will be retained (we had to get there, after all!)