CDC: Jeremy

Opinions from an ex-homeless gent on the spay/neuter debate. I found it really enlightening.

Jeremy: “I’ve been homeless with dogs before, and I understand that it’s really hard to, for those people like to give up just any aspect of control, like, in their their life, like with their dogs. Like, a lot of times they’re right, a lot of times they’re not. Like, it’s completely different from raising an animal inside, and they just don’t see that. A lot of them are just like  free spirits, and they’re like ‘oh, let them do what they do, they’re animals, let them live’ and this that and the other thing and they really just don’t know, they’re under-informed.” (00:09)


Jeremy: “They’re just irresponsible. It’s the long and short of it, and they don’t want to be told how to be responsible.” (01:15)


Jeremy: “Honestly, like, there’s not much you can say, like, you can’t talk to a lot of these people logically. They’re just gunna fight against it. They’re gunna fight the– instead of fighting the argument, they’re going to fight the debater. You know they don’t have a strong argument, they don’t want to be convinced otherwise.” (01:34)


Jeremy: “Do outreach and some people will respond and some people won’t, and that’s just the way  it’s going to be.” (01:58)


Jeremy: “You’re going to get some response, and you’re going to get some negative response as well. Like, I love what you’re doing.” (02:28)

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