CDC: Aaron and Lucy

The gent that chimed in about his pit at the end of Q-Ball’s interview is one I’d met before Downtown– he was the first person to make me realize that not everyone would want to spay/neuter their pet, even for free. His words from our first meeting, “my dog’s not broken, why would I fix her?” are the cause of this entire escapade.

Aaron and Lucy

Aaron: “My dog’s not broken, why should I fix her.” (00:10)

Aaron: “So if my dog gets pregnant, and she gets- she has some kind of a health risk from it, and I’m neglectful about that, then it’s on me and not my dog.”  (00:34)


Kate: “So if, if your dog ends up pregnant, are you not concerned about some of the, the costs that come with-” (00:51)

Aaron: “She is pregnant.”

Kate: “Are you worried-”

Aaron: “No.”

Kate: “-as a future puppy papa? Not at all?”

Aaron: “I’ve been a puppy papa before and I already know what to do if there’s any problems with the pregnancy, it’s really not that hard if there is…”


Kate: “So you don’t really know where they’re going to end up (the puppies).” (01:24)

Aaron: “Mostly to friends and other street kids, as long as it’s someone I know who’ll take care of a puppy. Which, I’m not going to be moving around the way I do now when she has her puppies, so during the time she’s nursing and they’re getting ready to be weaned, I’m gunna actually have someone who I, can feel that I can trust that can take care of the puppy or not, and I’m really not that worried about it.”


Aaron: “I’m gunna make sure the puppies are vaccinated before they go out.” (01:56)

Kate: “And you’re not worried about the finances on that, either?”

Aaron: “Not really. Um, once I get a violin my life will be a lot easier again, and I’ll be able to make the money very easily to get the vaccinations for the puppies, so it’s not really a big deal to me.”


Aaron: “We need animals in this world.” (2:28)


Aaron: “If someone else wants to get their animal spayed or neutered, then let them. It’s not for my dog.” (02:43)


The full, uncut interview: