CDC: Lil’ B**** and Q-Ball

Warning: the ‘b’ word is said a few times (being the dog’s name) and near the end someone else drops an f bomb. I’d like to note that she was very, very well socialized for having been abused. Hats off to Q-Ball’s handling of her.

Lil B and Q-Ball

Q-Ball: “I wouldn’t want nobody to cut my lifeline off…so why would I allow them to cut her. If it’s time for her to reproduce, it’s time for her to reproduce. God made her that way. Just like abortion, I don’t believe in that.” (00:04)

Q-Ball: “I would not keep a living being out of having their right for reproduction. If it came time that she couldn’t do it anymore and it would hurt her, yes I’d do it.” (00:44)

Q-Ball: “…if she had pups, she would- they would go to good homes.” (01:36)


Me: What if it [the dog] ends up being a risk to the people around you?

Q-Ball: Then I would do away with the dog. Especially somethin’ like a pit. Once a pit tastes blood, it’s done. (2:29)


At this point, I’m interrupted by my next interviewee and his dog Lucy, chiming in that ‘his pit has tasted blood before’ and defending her gentle nature (more swear warnings). The exchange is pretty interesting, starting at 02:36.