CDC: Tracie, Charles and Diamond Roxanne

The very, very first impromptu interview I conducted (you can tell, don’t judge me) at the park by Marian House in Downtown Colorado Springs, where I asked peoples’ opinions on spay/neuter. The first people I approached were Tracey, Charles, with Tracey’s beautiful German Shepard– they were very welcoming and warm!

October 1st, 2015

What are your thoughts on spay/neuter?

Tracey, Charles and Diamond Roxanne
Charles: “…[as an] animal parent, you have to understand the consequences. There are a lot of people who love their animals, have litters, and don’t want ’em so they just give them to the pounds and they get euthanized. To me, that’s just about as bad as having a child and throwing them into the system.” (00:40)

Tracey: “…it’s the same thing as letting your ten year old go out and get pregnant. If they weren’t a good parent, they would allow that to happen. That’s my best friend right there. I mean I would bend over backwards for her because she actually helps me, so if I knew it was going to harm her, I wouldn’t allow her to have it.” (2:24)

Tracey: “Yeah, they’re animals, but they’re also part of you, too, so you have to look at it as a standpoint of actually being a parent.” (3:03)


If you want to, listen to the full, uncut and unedited file: