Monthly Archives: May 2015

When do we get to the fun part?

Oh. My. Goodness. So much paperwork. EINs, Colorado Charitable Solicitations filing, privacy policies, credit card brand site adherence, waaagh! There’s so much setup just to get started and I know I’m not even close to done!

But! There is progress. Delicious progress that I’m going to list here just so I feel a little bit better about what feels like stalled time:

  • We’ve been awarded a free account of NetSuite (accounting/financial software) via the Social Enterprise 2015 grant. The account should be all set up on this upcoming Friday.
  • Online payment gateway Braintree accepted our application, and since we’ll be integrating with them, they’ve kindly extended a no-fee situation until we’ve hit $50k in sales.

I’ve also made some good social connections, a lot of them through Ignite Colorado Springs at UCCS. (Thank you Ethan Beute for the heads up about this event. It was very educational!)

It helps to list that out..but I’m still feeling a ‘yeah, but, what am I actually doing that’s impactful now?’ itch, so I might just run with the Humanizing the Homeless art supplies project one of these days, since it requires the least paperwork/permissions/effort to get going.