“A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being – this may include maximizing social impact rather than profits for external shareholders.” – Wikipedia

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Our views. Our limits. Ourselves.

Challenge is the spice of life, to keep us relentlessly living.

Life Relentless has the Challenge of bringing small scale social improvement projects with accessible contribution routes to those who wish to challenge themselves.

Time is as important as money, as important as a voice on the phone, as the loan of a dog muzzle or the donation of an old space blanket.

Every project we undertake will have different necessities; hopefully there’s something for you.



Our friends. Our family. Ourselves.

Enlightenment doesn’t stick. It’s something that needs maintained.

From unconventional employment, introvert to extrovert, dog person to cat person, mental state and mental status, to just plain different life paths, we want to acknowledge, empathize, and Enlighten.

Life Relentless is Enlightened enough to know that we’re never enlightened enough. There’s always something more to know, always someone or something else to understand.




Life’s too short. Let’s make it memorable and beneficial where even the failures are valued.

That’s why Life Relentless doesn’t focus on any one goal. We want to try a bazillion different things for a bazillion different outcomes, because how else will we ever know? How else would anyone know? It’s the birth of innovation.


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